Sibelco Deutschland


Sibelco Deutschland produces plastic clays and kaolins from all major deposits within Germany. These raw materials are extracted from more than twenty quarries in the Westerwald, Eifel, Palatinate and Saxonia areas. In modern homogenisation plants the raw materials are carefully blended and processed into a wide range of formats according to the individual preferences of our customers and their production needs.

Furthermore, Fuchs Ceramic Bodies operates two highly versatile production units for dry milling and wet milling in Ransbach-Baumbach and Hoehr-Grenzhausen, offering a variety of preparation forms.

Under the well-known brand „North Cape Minerals“, we offer at our sites in Brake and Duisburg the industrial minerals nepheline-syenite, feldspar and olivine in different refining forms.


The company Kaolin- und Tonwerke Seilitz-Löthain situated in the traditional Saxonian ceramic centre around the porcelain city Meissen produces unique kaolins which are characterized by their high plasticity and are mainly used in the tableware, electroporcelain and tiles industry, while the clays are additionally applied in the sanitaryware industry.




Product Range

• Clays
• Kaolins
• Nepheline-Syenite
• Feldspar
• Quartz
• Ceramic Bodies
• Olivine
• Refractory Products

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With a wide range of own raw materials, combined with the direct access to the Sibelco minerals resources, we provide our customers with the best mineral solutions available.

• Ceramics
• Glass
• Glazes and Engobes
• Metallurgy
• Refractory
• Sand Blasting
• Fillers

In addition our raw materials are used in a variety of non-ceramic applications.