Sibelco Deutschland

Fuchs Ceramic Bodies

Under the name Fuchs Keramische Massen Sibelco Deutschland operates two highly versatile prodution units in the historic Westerwald stoneware-producing region of Germany. Combining local tradition with advanced technology, we offer an extensive range of ceramic bodies allowing the customer to quickly react on the changing and growing market demands. Increasing numbers of ceramic manufacturers are entrusting the preparation of their ceramic bodies to the Sibelco Group and are benefiting from:

  • Reliable and constant raw materials of the highest quality – to maximise productivity and efficiency
  • Technical Service – based on thorough and up-to-date knowledge and experience in the manufacture, sales and application of ceramic bodies
  • Cost efficiency – on raw material storage, logistics, investments and maintenance of preparation facilities as well as on quality control
  • Extensive multi-minerals product range – for providing customized solutions
  • Economy of time – allowing our customers to concentrate on core activities of their business

Each body is specially developed for an individual ceramic application. We work closely with our customers to develop new ceramic bodies specifically designed to meet their individual requirements, thus bringing optimum results in their production processes. Our ceramic bodies are produced under strict quality control procedures which conform to the international Quality Management standards.

Our selection ranges from pottery, fine earthenware and stoneware bodies, stove tile bodies including chamotte, bodies for structural ceramics and refractories, sanitaryware bodies, tableware bodies, porcelain and electrical porcelain bodies as well as bodies for special applications in all traditional and advanced shaping processes, especially isostatic pressing and high-pressure casting.


Sibelco Deutschland – Fuchs Keramische Massen has combined their traditional experience with advanced understanding of ceramic body preparation. As part of the Sibelco Group, we have direct access to the Group’s technical resources and to the wide range of clays Sibelco extracts and processes from some of the most important ceramic raw material deposits in Europe.

Our knowledge of ceramic technology is an essential ingredient in the preparation of our bodies. We seek to ensure that your business derives the maximum benefit from using our products. Teamed with our technical service and practical assistance, our aim is to bring you the optimum results in your production process.

In order to meet the constantly changing and growing demands of ceramic applications, we work closely with our customers to develop new ceramic bodies solutions specifically designed to meet their individual requirements. The cooperation with our customers is based on trust, transparency and open communication.