Sibelco Deutschland

Fuchs Industrial Minerals

Brightly burning, and white-firing clays and kaolins

Sibelco Deutschland’s brightly burning, and white-firing clays and kaolins are mainly used in the tile, sanitary ware, tableware industry, as well as in the technical ceramics in electrical porcelain applications. Some of them are used in calcined clays and of great importance for Ceramic Bodies. The supply of light and white-firing qualities has been expanded by acquisitions of the companies Keramchemie and Villeroy & Boch.

With a wide range of our own resources combined with the direct availability of raw materials from the Sibelco Group, such as the famous ball clays from Devon/United Kingdom, the unique kaolins from Seilitz-Löthain which are characterized by their high plasticity and the white-firing kaolins from the Czech Kaolin Hlubany, our customers are offered an extensive programme of tailor-made ceramic and technical solutions.

Variegated- and red-firing clays

The production of facing bricks, roof tiles and stoneware pipes play an important role within the ceramics. The supply of the complete range of brightly burning/white-firing clays to variegated- and red-firing clays occurs by all sites of Sibelco Deutschland.


Sibelco Deutschland’s aluminium-rich blue clays and the brightly burning varieties are ideally suited for use in the refractory industry. Due to the acquisition of Didier und Martin & Pagenstecher few years ago this area was expanded considerably.